Small Steps Vol. 72: The second edition of our Impact Startups Benchmark Report goes LIVE ✅; the power of rest 💤; and the global fertiliser crisis 🌾.
Small Steps Vol. 71: Our refreshed global database of impact VC funds 🎯; a call to action for transparency on funding to diverse founders 👐; and the…
Small Steps Vol. 70: Our impact thesis for Trace 🍃; single-use plastic everywhere🧋; and human rights x ChatGPT 🤝
Small Steps Vol. 69: Tracking water tech in Impact Futures #2 💧, ChatGPT in healthtech 🚑, and gravity-defying climate funding 🌴
Small Steps Vol. 68: Giant Leap 2022 wrap 🌯; floating on air-powered planes 🛫; and open-sourced circular solutions 🌏.
Small Steps Vol. 67: Our impact thesis for Great Wrap ♻️; reversing health inequalities🧑🏾‍⚕️; and seeing cultivated ragu on the menu🧑🏻‍🍳.
Small Steps Vol. 66: Showcasing metrics for people and planet; hopes for plastic recycling in the bin, and tipping points for COP27.
Small Steps 66: The moral case for future peeps 🔭; limitless, clean electricity ⚛️ ; and saying so long to opioids 💊.
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Small Steps by Giant Leap