Small Steps Vol. 57: Interactive maps of future climate scenarios 🗺️; impact insights from gamers 🎮; and fiction creating reality🌲
Small Steps Vol. 56: Our Theory of Change for toilet paper 🧻; volatility as opportunity for impact founders 💥; and simulating hospitals for tech…
Small Steps Vol. 55: Giant Leap's impact calculator 🧮 ; privacy concerns for women's health apps 🔓; and advice for turbulent times ✈️.
Small Steps Vol 54: Australia's clean protein opportunity 🌿; flipping healthcare with value-based companies 👩‍⚕️; and HolonIQ’s state of impact…
Small Steps Vol. 53: Impact futures for Web3 after Ethereum’s upgrade Ξ ; Kapor’s $125m raise to empower people🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿; and $2b in new funding for…
Small Steps Vol 52: A tool for assessing climate potential 🌳 ; the expertise to unlock deep tech impact 🧬 ; and a robotic 5-course meal 🎛️ .
Small Steps Vol. 51: Games that are good for the soul; the rise of impact term sheets; and the human element of authentic impact measurement.
Small Steps Vol. 50: The march to gender equity in 2022 🤸‍♀️; women leading the regenerative movement 🌿; and how women make headlines 🗞️
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Small Steps by Giant Leap